Posted by: Unrivaled | April 13, 2011

Hi .. ^^

Ello guys :) ..

this is baby waw .. from

i whould like to tell u that i changed my name :) ..

and my site too to : Dark White

site :

u can get FREE gifts there from contests thought .. just saying :)

Posted by: Unrivaled | March 16, 2011

problem fixed ..

Now .. any one can comment on the new site ..
I’ll never back on this site , maybe in the future o.o .. idk xD

Posted by: Unrivaled | March 10, 2011

starting moving site

Hey guys , i’m back :)
i’m kinda open my new blog for viewers ..
means i start making contests for u guys :)
yesh that site for contests only maybe with codes and cheats :D
on the new blog ( )
thnx so much for ppl who asked about me ..

thnx for prey for his nice post and helpful one <3
u can add me guys on face book ( babywaw Ourword )

-B.w Off from here :D

Posted by: Unrivaled | March 10, 2011

New Site ! , big jump ! , i’m BACK ! xD

c ya there guys ;)

Posted by: Cody | March 8, 2011

Where is BabyWaw?

To be truthful I haven’t seen BabyWaw online in a while.  She may have quit ourWorld, or gotten grounded, or her computer might of broken.  Continue to check this blog weekly to see if she is back but until then you can use ourWorld Online to stay updated!

Posted by: Cody | February 26, 2011

Saint Patrick’s Day 2011

BabyWaw is busy on here new site so I will try to keep you informed as best as I can until she finishes the new site!

Coming Soon in March there will not only be the Rex the Dinosaur Clothing, but there will also be Saint Patrick’s Day Clothing! YAY! Check out the clothing here:

– Prey

Posted by: Unrivaled | February 18, 2011

ourworld gem code ( extra :D )

Edit : sorry o.o the extra code expired … yeah ,, was for one day :D

now we have 4 codes to use ..

monthly , facebook , toolbar and the extra ! yay ! lol


we have yummy code thismonth for un known expired date :P

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