Posted by: Unrivaled | May 23, 2010

its up 2 u !

new contest ..
new chance for WIN GIFTS !
wich u choose ofc ! =D
but its new for u ..
and like a HARD one ..
so who wanna to win ..
and GET an awesome chance to get more cool things ..

how to win ?
did u c these pics ?

Feed Me !

Feed Me !

feed drangess :3 !

try too feed then and make her reach to lvl 50 , 100 , 350 , 500 , 1000 and 1500 ..
by clicking on the pic ..
( u can lvl all of them up once per day )
feed them today .. to win tomorrow ..
when u reach lvl 50 or the others wich i write up ^ ..
take screenshot .. ( by press Print Screen button at the key board + then use paint program to paste it + save that pic + use to upload the pic )
then post a comment for :
ur OW name
paste the pic ( pictuer’s address )
ur gift name ( must be less than 29 gems + u make it at ur wishlist )

gd luck everybody ..



  1. fdf


  3. XxInperfetc mexX is my username for ourworld!

  4. I want Dark Polka Dot Swimsuit Bottom in Light Blue and Daryle Hair.

    OW USERNAME : xSonia

    Thank Chu.

    • Great u got the pic xD .. i was looking for u :D ..
      wait i will chick out ur gift =)

    • ur gift have been sent to u from 2 noobs all of them loloss :D

      • Yay Thanksssss :3

        • NOOO PRO ;3

  5. thnx louis .. =)

    ur comment is oerfect badge for my blog ..

    thank u a loott !!

  6. Hi, I love your article. This is a good site and I wanted to post a comment to let you know, nice job! Thanks Meia

    Louis Vuitton

    louis vuitton

  7. welldone !!!

    so u win at first chance ^^ ..

    the pic address is

    ur gift is on the way from some of my noob :)

    • thanx so much :D

      • ur welcome .. chick ur inventory .. i send ur new dress ^^ ..

  8. [IMG][/IMG]

    erm…my name on ourworld is bluecherrie and I would like the black shindig party dress. thank you x

    • or in white. i dont mind :)

  9. *leveled up babywaw*
    So…How are you,BW?
    Long time no talk xD.

    • im fine :)
      i missed u dudet .. ^^

      how u been ??

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