Posted by: Unrivaled | May 27, 2010

BIG SECRETS .. june news !

June 2010 Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Chair

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear! Fuzzy Wuzzy found a chair! And sat in it. And so can you, if you’re a Resident!

Fuzzy Wuzzy June 2010 Items

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear! Fuzzy Wuzzy had such flair! And so can you, in the Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket and Backpack set. Only in June!

Brazilians! Pay by Phone!

Are you in Brazil? Now you can use your mobile phone to pay for anything you want in ourWorld!

Transformation Mystery Box

The power of a Djinn, the strength of a Golem, the ferociousness of a Gorgon, and so much more! Which magical creature will transform you? Only until August 31st.

Look for the Golden Keys!

They can appear almost anywhere, and you can unlock awesome prizes if you find them!

New items + condo items

Djinn Mystical Smoke

Djinn Sword

Djinn Scarf

Hinata The Harpy

Enchanted Unicorn Blade

Enchanted Unicorn Hooves

Enchanted Unicorn Horn

Harpy Wingspan

Harpy Plumage

Gorgon Tail

Gorgon Hair

Evil Eye Jacket

Oceanid Diadem

Oceanid Tail

Tengu Head

Tengu Wings

Rock Golem Gloves

Rock Golem Boots

Bob The Blob

Transformation Mystery Box 2010

Space Seed

Fruit Seed

June 2010 Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket

June 2010 Fuzzy Wuzzy Backpack

Team J T-Shirt

Team E T-Shirt

Fancy Phantom Mask

Phantom Mask

Baggy Arm Warmer – Left

Baggy Arm Warmer – Right

Spotted Arm Warmer – Left

Spotted Arm Warmer – Right

Fuzzy Arm Warmer – Left

Fuzzy Arm Warmer – Right

Cave Man Club

Spiked Cave Man Club

$ Necklace

Star Glasses

Techtonic Gloves


Camo Helmet

Huge Wrap-Around Goggles

Lightning Wrap-Around Goggles

Target Wrap-Around Goggles

Skull Wrap-Around Goggles

Rain Wrap-Around Goggles

Leaf Wrap-Around Goggles

White Stripe Wrap-Around Goggles

Small Retro Counter

Retro Dish Cabinet

Retro Fridge

Retro Stove

Retro Bar Stool



Coffee Maker

Condiment Set

Espresso Machine

Vase And Flowers

Fruit Bowl


Mop And Bucket


Roast Beast


Trash Can



Skeleton Key Dungeon

Crystal Key Dungeon

Dungeon npcs

NPC Dungeon Master Bob

NPC Dungeon Master Tom

NPC Dungeon Master Frank


Sky Fairy


Turn Loose Change into Gems!!
Take all your spare change to a handy Coin Star machine for an easy way to pay for all your awesome ourWorld goodies.

Dungeon thingys
You won a prize!
Congratulations! You key unlocked…
Your key isn’t ready yet! Come back when it’s ready to unlock a prize.
Select your key, then choose a chest to unlock
Go through yonder door to the Crystal Dungeon and talk to Frank
Come back when you have a key
Super Golden Mystery Key (gives gems)
Super Crystal Mystery Key (still secret)
Super Flow Mystery Key (gives flow)

(Weatherbys Dad got the properties files )

remember : These items are not on Playtest yet!!


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