Posted by: Unrivaled | June 4, 2010

25# webhunt

1) Goth Hunt: How much does the Skully Top-Hat cost?

A1 19 gems

2) Visit the ourWorld Blog. What’s the deadline for the 1000 Gem Prom Video Contest?

A: June 8th at Midnight PST

3) Goth Hunt: Visit your Critter Garden, where you can grow all types of cute and kooky creatures and sell them for coins! How long does the Bat Egg take to hatch?

A: 2 hours

4) Visit the ourWorld Application page on Facebook. Click on the Photos section and on the What’s New album. Can you find the picture of NEVERMORE here? Write a comment on this picture!
So that we can check whether you did this step, please leave your Facebook name as the answer to this step. 

A: Leave a comment on THIS picture, then be sure to leave your ourWorld name in here for the answer when

you email this!

5) Goth Hunt: How much does Octi on a Stick cost at Midnight Cafe?

 A: 2 gems



  1. i seen u comment on a crew abt ur site

    cool post

    • did i ?? o.o”

      i don’t member if i post my blog on any crew :S ..

      its okay ..

      thnx for who was like help me and make this blog more popular .. =)

      thnx bunny for this awesome visit ..

      come here again :) ..

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