Posted by: Unrivaled | June 16, 2010

How to get FREE 20 gems every week !!

How to claim your weekly FREE 10 Gems via ourWorld toolbar
Login to ourWorld.
Hover your mouse over the second left tab to the top right of your ourWorld screen that says, ‘For Free’.
Click ‘Get the ourWorld Toolbar’
You will be brought to this page –
Select the big olive green button ‘CLICK HERE’ and save installation file.
Once you install it, you may need to restart your browser for the toolbar to take effect. (The toolbar should be added to your default browser)

How to claim your weekly FREE 10 Gems via Facebook
Click this link –
Sign in to Facebook (if you haven’t already done so).
You should be able to see the post titled, Weekly Gem Code for Facebook Players!
Once you’ve seen that particular post, copy the Gem Code.
After which, right below the ourWorld profile picture, there is a blue button, ‘Go to Application’.
When you do, you will automatically be login to ourWorld. If not, login to ourWorld.
In ourWorld? Then open your User Settings, and cash in the Coupon Code (the usual way you do) to redeem your free 10 Gems.

Good to know:

  • Every week, you will get 10 Gem code from ourWorld toolbar, and an extra 10 Gems from Facebook if you log in through Facebook and check for the weekly Gem Code for Facebook players. So be on the lookout, because that adds up to a total of 20 Gems!
  • This is not a one time thing, there will be a new post on the ourWorld official Facebook page for an extra 10 Gem Code every week, so do check back often.
    *This is for players who are new to the update and don’t already know that you can redeem 20 GEMS a week.
    **You also get an extra 100% flow boost if you play by Facebook, all the more reasons you should.

     -credit goas to zacsky :D


    1. have the toolbar but i don´t know how to get gems

      • There should be a thing that has a ppic of a gem. it says “GEM code:” then has a 4-section code (the week of 6/4/12 is C535-2E95-BDBB-6A85). U go to the Get gems button in oW on the top. click it, go to the More Free button. click it, scroll down a bit and type in the code in the requested area.

    2. im not 13 in the moment have u got a cheat for i will can get gems from fb?

      • no one can broke FaceBook accounts , if u will fix that problem u need to hack Ow and change ur account old :D lol

    3. then how to get 20 gems a day?O.o

      • well , that’s mean u will get 140 gems at the week


        560 at the month


        6720 gems in a year !!

        don’t u think that was too much for some one play OW for free ?

        Or if u will buy gems y u will buy some if u get 20 gems per day xD

        lol , i like the idea :P just sayin

        but its not Fair :S

        if OW will do that , lets say that the mystery box will coast 50 gems ?! o.O”

        • but what code do i get gems every day?

    4. can i have more gems code?

      • sure . just chick the site more :3 every week .. or every day for newz ;)

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