Posted by: Unrivaled | June 20, 2010

updates .. updates .. UPDATES !!

Choose ur Language + flags ..

NOTE :  im still like XX language xD


New Mystery Box !! .. i know its kinda COOL .. i mean to feel like a monky xD .. JK :P

i like that girl’s hair :D ..

High Scores at your Garden

( its look like wich on games .. like DANCE PLANET .. but u can just c ur friends scores :S .. i wanna be the first like usually :) )


Add as Friend Messeges .. c their ava ! .. i mean just the head :D


u can delete now the hearts and broke them .. i don’t think so i will use this for nxt days .. maybe with SPECIAL PPL :D ..


new Condo Stuff ( its for the bathroom :) )

just thaat !! :) .. what do u think with this update ??

NOTE : i was have bio + fiz last two days .. i think i will get GOOD marks .. not the best :’\ .. what ? i like to success with FULL marks :D ..


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