Posted by: Unrivaled | June 22, 2010

how .. !

STEP BY STEP TO USE our world gem codes  =) ..

1) copy this :

OR click here
and past it  on new page

like this !


2) logg in normaly ..

3) GET THE CODE from this blog .. there are three ways to get it :

1- from the left widgets

2- from a gem code post

3- from codes list

and copy one wich u need


all of them here :


4) at OW page ..  press on settings , it’s here :


5) past the code wich u copy from the blog then pree submit :




 u got 10 gems FREE xD lol

( note : no need to first step if u have the toolbar )

do u have any questions ? .. this is my lesson .. tomorrow ur quize :D ..



  1. can you send me a me a gem code that nobody knows

    send it to little miss gem

    plz plz plz plz plz plz

  2. […] How to use weekly gem codes ? click here if u need help =) […]

  3. Ncieeee !! :D

    I liked the way thet u used to teach us How to use the gem codes ..

    I haven’t seen any cool site used that way .. :)

    U RUCK WAW !

  4. i sent u friend requst and messge on ourworld and when i put my anme i ment hannah not hansel

    • i accept ur request .. if u have more questiong about getting gems from me don’t ask at OW :P

      • hey can u b my friend plzzzzzz

        ON OW MY NAME IS kaci428

  5. omg this like tottaly worked

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