Posted by: Unrivaled | June 23, 2010

webhunt 28#

Q1) What’s the most expensive item in the Bejeweled shop in Soho?
A1) Bejeweled Sapphire Headpiece
Q2) In the game, Bejeweled 2, how many different types of gems are there? Hint: It’s less than 8.
A2) Seven different types of gems
Q3) We’re now offering our Facebook players an exclusive coupon for 10 FREE GEMS every week! The code will be posted on the ourWorld Application Page. Find this week’s coupon code and write a comment on that post!
So that we can check whether you did this step, please leave your Facebook name as the answer to this step.
A3) USE THE fb CODE ( B93A-4433-FC6E-F2EE )  then do others by urself :D
Q4) In the game, Gem Shop, how many different colors of gems are there? Hint: It’s more than 5.
A4) Six different gem colors
Q5) What’s the name of the player with the “Blingest” Condo in ourWorld?
A5) The Gem Machine
Q6) What’s your ourWorld username?
 A6) ( ur name :D )


  1. ThnxXx 4 da Answerzz =D

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