Posted by: Unrivaled | June 30, 2010

first quize winners !!

i know u guys tried to win free gifts :D ..

and thanks to answer this quize  .. cuz First quize was have 249 entries !! ..

its really BIG number for first quize .. !! xD

soo .. 5 ppl will get their gifts tomorrow .. some today ..

JUST who win should choose his\her gifts here .. and please dont take ur time lol ..jk

1) u have 3 days to choose ur gift .. then i will cancle ur gift and gift another u ..

2) don’t ask for more what did u get :D ..

3) choose the colour & add it to ur wishlist

SO the winners r :

1) awesomed ( choose skate board OR a box )  great job awesomed .. u got 100%

2) xXJoOoJXx ( choose a box ) great job xXJoOoJXx .. u got 100%

3) Cxii Bunnii x3 ( choose ur skates )

4) lolo114 ( choose an item –  except special items + should cost less than 25 gems – )

5) cool model ( thnx for f.b and choose a a potion^^ )

i will be back to told u what can u choose to gift ..

CONGRATS FOR THE WINNERS .. good luck for the others ^^

they free to choose the color



  1. :o .. thnx sis for da box .. i told u at OW what i need……………
    bye :P

  2. i win !! xD
    i know i answerd just 1 quistion :D ..
    How did i win o.O

    lol .. anyway i want Kid potion 4 please

  3. wow !! thank yewww !! :)

    i want joyce hair please

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