Posted by: Unrivaled | August 12, 2010

who can’t chat ?! o.o”

Players who lose the ability to chat most often violated the ourWorld conduct policy in some manner. The chat deactivations are meant to be temporary, but your chat will not return by itself. You need to contact us first.

As per the message we sent to the inbox as part of every conduct violation action, you must send an email message to (or a Help Ticket if you have access to them) including your account’s Avatar Name. Provided we can find the account, we will typically reactivate chat upon receiving the Email. This process usually takes 1-2 business days. Paying customers go to the front of the line. Once you violate the conduct policy, you may no longer be an ourWorld Volunteer Helper and if you had volunteer status it is permanently removed.

Hints for getting your chat reactivated quickly:

  • Use the Help Ticket system if you have access to it.
  • If you don’t have access to the Help Ticket system, send your Email from the Login or Verified Email address of the muted account. If using Email, always include your Avatar Name.
  • Don’t change your name following chat deactivation.
  • Don’t deactivate your account following chat deactivation. If you did, say so in your message to get it reactivated.
  • Don’t contact us in any other manner. We do not reactivate chat based on phone calls, forum posts or PMs, or messages sent to my character’s inbox.
  • Contact us yourself. We don’t reactivate chat based on messages from friends or volunteers.
  • Don’t be a jerk in your response. Cussing us out because your chat was deactivated for bad language will NOT get your chat returned. Duh.
    If your account still works, your chat can be reactivated. If what you did was so severe that a permanent response is required, we will deactivate your account entirely.

    While it doesn’t normally impact the decision to reactivate your chat, don’t bother denying what happened or claim you were ‘hacked’. Your account’s chat was deactivated for something that was found in your account’s history. We know it happened because all actions are based on the verifiable content of your chat history (or some other solid evidence.) We don’t care who was using the account, so there’s yet another reason not to share your login or password information with anyone for any reason, ever. The violation happened and the result was temporary chat deactivation. Tell us it won’t happen again and get back to playing!

    Don’t share your password, ever! – In some cases an account’s chat is deactivated for what appears to be no reason and no inbox alert is sent. If somebody who’s been banned from ourWorld (probably for password or hacking offenses) has your login information, it’s possible that your account will be muted if they attempt to access your account. Just contact us using the guidelines above and we will reactivate your chat. This situation does not negatively reflect on your account history or volunteer status. Change your password immediately!

    Getting muted is bad, but it’s not that bad. Tell you want to play on ourWorld and follow the rules and you’re welcome to start chatting again. If we didn’t want you back, we’d do more than turn off your chat.


    –  wil got the credi :)



    1. my account got muted i cnt trde too but i cn acess to account buy thingz i didnt did any thing bad :(( idk y did they did it to me :(( plzz help me plzz reactivate my chat and trade plzzzzzz

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