Posted by: Unrivaled | August 17, 2010

metaRL ?!

YEA .. that website wich LC said ( u can get gems and residency from .. )

well ..

i take a look .. it kinda HHAAARRD way .. :\

u can get :

600 gemz > for 20,000 mp

100 gemz > for 6,000 mp

and NO residency allowed there ..

anyway .. u wanna take a look too :D ..

test that site from here ^^

im ready for Quistions =)




  1. where’s the offers?

  2. Sure i can !!

    and i can add u cuz im resident now :D ..

    lol xD

    at metaRl u need to do some offers > or play games , invite firends to join , just to get points then Xchange them with things u need at the store :D ..

  3. can u teach me how to do? add me on ow numanlia11

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