Posted by: Unrivaled | September 10, 2010

quick post :D

1 ) Today is Friday .. chick out mr moles mystery Mart !

2 ) and its the LAST DAY u can have for the last quize .. u don’t know anyything about it ? wanna get Free gift ? u have 30% to Get one ! .. don’t worry u won’t lose anyything :P .. Click HERE to go to the quize page ..

3 ) by the way .. happy Eid 4 muslims :) ..



  1. wut is playtest? tell me plz!

    • u know ,

      that address for live server , and this is the normal server for this game

      But , playtest server is not the same ! , they test updates before its happen in live server before like 3 weeks to be in live server .

      and valunteers help them to tell them bugs and mistakes in playtest server , they well get gems from their work :) , like 5 bugs for 30 gems , some times they will give u residency in playtest server too !!

      I hope i told u enough :D , have more to ask , just to it ^^

  2. this is awesome man

    • Yep .. im a girl by the way ;D

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