Posted by: Unrivaled | September 15, 2010

Super glow !!

Edit : use ur mouse one RED words to read more ^^

Hello every body .. =)

i know u bored from the last post :S ..

i was have problems with my computer .. its stills need Format -.- .. it will be like that for a week or a month .. maybe a Year xD .. cuz my Brother know how to fix it and he  Busy :\ .. yea its boring life

anyway .. i wanna told u about Good Glitch =) .. Use Dance Off .. To save some gems  OR Have AWESOME Glow .. cuz All ppl can use JUST 3 .. but after dancing u will find HUGE glow ;D ..

Chick this /

if u will dance off OFC u need a friend .. i choose some one who always mail me at OW ^^ .. my friend .. <3

before dancing ur glow guys will be like This /

before dancing =)

Dancing …. /

Loading xD

AND NOOOW .. after dancing ur glow will be like this /

if u was have 2 Kindz  it will be like this /

not really huge .. look like u used 3 rigth ?

3 Kindz of glow will be like this /

Huge one .. i think my eyes hurting me :P


NOTE : i used RED , PINK and WHITE .. Try this with ur OWN colors ^* .. Give me the credit if u need copy :D ..



  1. awesome!

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