Posted by: Unrivaled | September 23, 2010

float in ur condo by a simple trick

Hi :D ..

welcome ppl ..

baby waw is here .. will give u all ..  free jetback ..

lmfao .. i mean u can fly in ur condo without jetbacks !

chick this :3 ..

go to ur condo

then have a bed , click on move Item

make as bigger as u can !

then SIT on the bed !

Finally ! .. remove the bed ! ..

lmfaoo !! .. u r floating !!


Try that cheat and show ur friend how awsome is it :P ..
the cheat idea from lc



  1. Hi, this doesn’t work. I got exactly the same bed but it doesn’t work!!! :( :D

    • try to sit then make the bed bigger ;)

  2. But all the gem cheats u have r the ones that i have on my tolbar ad all dat stuff i want a gem code tht gives u like30 gemz

    • hey furevame :)
      Ow was making 30 gems for loong time !
      and Old players know that , we was JUST GEt 40 gems per month ,
      some times we have 30 gems code , then have 20 gems monthly code .
      so we just have 50 gems at all !!!
      now , u can have 90 gems , so they remove that kind of gem codes and replace them with : toolbar , Facebook , monthly .
      anyway , i missed that 30 gems codes too :(

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