Posted by: Cody | October 4, 2010

Prey is Posting!

Hello. I have not posted in a while but I am back. No, I am not a new author or an author that got deleted. I am CK BraceFacee. I changed my name while I was gone.

This post is really not related to ourWorld but it kinda is. Three days ago I launched my new project. I call it Mr. Moles. This site is totally dedicated too Mr. Moles Mystery Mart, which comes to Wonderland every Friday. You should know about him unless you are a newbie to ourWorld.

This site contains a list of every single Mr. Moles item that I know of. If you have one that I don’t have then you can email me using the email located on the site. This site also has a list of times that the shop opens. If you don’t know which time zone you live in then there is a clock set to PST time (the time zone ourWorld runs by).





  1. i see what you did there

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