Posted by: Unrivaled | November 26, 2010

residency passes Bugs !

Hey :D

i feel like my site wasinactivejust from monday to monday xD. lol

so , when u got that pass to be resident for limit Time and they expired u will have bugs , good one ;D

I hope they won’t fix them x)

* U will still can change the profile colors 

* U can save many outfits

Btw u can get keys and use them in dungeon key ;) ” the gold one ! ” <~ this is not a bug :D



  1. i wanna have a pass

  2. Omg u know everything :O

  3. Really? Does this work with regular Residency?

    • u mean when regular residency expires ?
      hmm , i don’t know ._.
      i tryed the 1 month & 3 months , not sure about the regular :D
      wanna test it and tell us ? :P

      • I’ll let you know but it won’t be until May 6, 2011.

        • may, 2011 ? o.o
          lmao ! i feel like i won’t be alive until that month xD.

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