Posted by: Unrivaled | November 29, 2010

easy contest 2# winners !

REMINDER : u will get ur boxes when u choose them directly ;)


2)Celestial Wind

3)Cxii Aresa




7)iblowurmind x4




11)lucy 135




15)cool model

OMG ! 15 entries ! i like that ^^

i hope we will get more entries “ like 50 !

so keep inviting who u know ;D

15  ppl mean 3 winners :

SO they r :

Cxii Aresa -> Frost mystery box – sent –

iblowurmind x4 -> Frost mystery box – sent –

TraceHuggins -> white mystery box – sent –



anisoki -> Frost mystery box – sent –

anisoki is lucky enough to win in this contest part :D

1 lucky winner is anisoki  :)

 and i added that part just today , maybe there is nothing like this nxt week if we didn’t get more entries :P

lmao xD.

NOTE 4 WINNERS : if u choose a box before , u can change it , just send a mail to my account from Ow so i will make sure that ur same person not some one playing :D

winners will get a message saying that they won , so they need to check the site to choose , bla bla bla :D

anyway , thank u all for enter the contest :) u will get awesome contest in the month i create the site ;) just guess until that month came :D its sooooo far :P



  1. I dunno if I can still recieve this, but I want the frost mystery box if it’s available :D

  2. hehe.. sorry for not choosing the prize… teribly sorry… im really dumb.. anyway.. i would like the frost mistery box plz.. tq

  3. Yayyyy..
    Thx ^^

  4. Ummm hi thnx 4 the gift u rule :D

    • np ! , u won :P lol

      i need to tell winners to take their gifts -.-

      enter then leave o.O’

      i will tell them by the mail :)

      congrats trace ;D & good luck for the others ^^

  5. Hey, congratz to the winners! ;)
    Hope I’ll be lucky next time, too!

    • hope that too ;)

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