Posted by: Unrivaled | November 30, 2010

available gem codes until Dec. 5th


easy contest #2 Winners !!!

Monthly code ! its :


Back ! and i’m done ! my bio test was EASY ! lol sorry cus i leave the site for 24 hours :” D

we got crew prizes in 1st dec. Btw what did u get ?

Gems codes :


Facebook code


Don’t know how to use this code ? so Click me =)

Toolbar Code


 Don’t know how to use this code ? so Click me =)

Extra Code




Notes : toolbar gem code problem solved here :

To have the Ow hack bar click me

Or copy this and paste it in another address bar :



  1. I have a question is there only 1 gem code we can get if we dont hav facebook or toolbar? Sorry if i wasted ur time…..

    • Umm why dont u post the weekly gem code?

      • ne , codes these weeks came so late , in midnight here …….

        so i should sleep earlier than that time :\ , u can say that i post them in the morning :>

        • lol ok thasnks for answering :D

  2. the monthly gem code is 7329-8351-617C-E9FD (valid thru dec.31)
    add me on ow! my name is the user

    • thank u ^^

      i was away from my site to study for my test , that was yesterday :D

      thnx god that was easy !!

      anyway , thank u for post the code ;D

  3. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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