Posted by: Unrivaled | December 15, 2010

Easy Contest 3#


 wanna join ? How ?

Just comment ! with ur Ow name !

How many ppl can join ?

uncountable ! just when i paste the winners’ names U CAN’T JOIN !

how many Times I can comment ?

one time for each player !

how to choose the winner ?

i will choose Him/her randomly ! first 5 ppl i will choose from them 1 winner

second 5 ppl i will choose 1 winner ! so id we have 9 players in the contest we will have “2” winners !

what i will get if i win ?!

Choose one mystery Box !

DeadLine : 28.December

I win ! when will u send me my box ?

At the First day in New Year !!

Comment ! u won’t lose anything :P

U can Ask winners in last contests wich ends before this one ;)



with ur OW name !




  1. Good ppl on the good blog of good baby waw, will u all plz tell me that who r the winners. i am here to see the happy faces of those winners. if u wont tell me, my objective wont be fulfilled.

    John Appetite,
    Elven But Sad Rod Of Fire

    • Hi John so isweetxcherry was one that won then there was missconfegamia but being a nice person she was she decided to make u a winner so u r a wuinner XD good job THEN THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE I CANT REMEBER So XP sorry

      • thnx sir. truly thnx. I got to see what I wanted. the happy faces. even I won something, and that is the true spirit of happiness of life. Hope it will last long. I will come back here soon.(probably not cause i have my other tasks to complete).

        John Appetite,
        Elven But Happy Rod Of Fire

  2. OK i lost :/ there is always next time 8-)
    That i will win XD

  3. baby waw. thnx to have this contest. all this time i have seen sad ppl. but here i see happy faces. only cause of u. thank u. take any 2 ppl as worthy winners.

    John Appetite,
    Elven Rod Of Fire

    • u can say that u r giving me BIG push to help others :’)

      • sorry if I gave u any pain. But I just want to see happy faces. b.w., u must be one of the happy faces. I can’t see u sad baby waw. Just make these people happy. it is my request.

        John Appetite,
        Elven Rod Of Fire

        • lol , if u will give me a pain .. that should be good one ;)
          sad baby waw cannot be shows up on here :D
          maybe in real life maybe :P ..

          btw , u really helping me with ur comments -^^-

        • thank u. I did not expect that I will give u pain. It is my pleasure to help u. Can u provide me with the respectful info of the winners? ;)

          John Appetite,
          Elven Rod Of Fire

        • Wow….
          HI! 8-)

  4. missconfegamia

    i feel i have luck :D

  5. Wheee… Too late! :D

    Mizareel :D

  6. Congrats to any of the winners

  7. cant wait !!! … hope 2 b lucky 2 b d winner or perhaps d random 1 xD *wink*

  8. My OW Name Is CrystalSaisRawr And I Met You At The Beahc Baby Waw :D :D :D :D :D

  9. The end of contest is coming closer, and I am excited to see the happy faces here.

  10. thanx baby waw 4 da contest… im gonna make u something for ur condo.. it is 5 star!!!!!! BTW, thank…… -IRSF-

  11. haha.. i see many comment on comment o______O

  12. contes again, :S cool,, hope me win gain -_-,

    • i mean again**

  13. heyy! i hope i win:D its okay if i dont tho. my user on ourWorld is mlsunny. add meh!

  14. hello

    Ty 4 contests x3

    • I saw ya around o.o

  15. I have the most comments 8-)

  16. Hey baby waw instead of a mystry box can i hav kid potion 3 it is cheaper then a mystry box and i want it bad if i win :D
    8-) please

    • Or….
      Baby waw ur gonna want this just like me i want the zodiac box it is a new box coming out on jan 1st i want hthat so bad i just found it on another site i must have it if i win pls thanks and merry x-mas :D

      • Zodiac box it is XD

        • Boy ! he was mean choose a box costs 33 not 100 .__.

        • U wanna go kid -_- cus ask b.w. i kick but

        • on second thought no zodiac box
          kid potion three

  17. hey… my ourworld name is anisoki… i send an entry before.. i just wanna say thank you very much.. though.. i hope i`ll win again.. i would like the ligght mystery box please… thank you very much

  18. hey babywaw.. i really hope i will win again this time.. p/s where did u get the gem codes

    • i’m getting tool bar code from tool bar
      face book from face book
      extra codes from news letters
      and some times from the Ow forums ,

      some of u don’t have time to wait codes from these places to get gems , so u will get them ALL from here ;)

      i won’t miss any code ;D

      • Gems Are ………….
        i just got a new shirt with gems it is stylish :D

      • b.w., I ought to tell u need a holiday. every1 here loves u. u do so much for us. take at least 1 day holiday. We will be happy. <3

        John Appetite,
        Elven Rod Of Fire.

        P.S.: A7F0-647A-1389-A45C Facebook
        C612-36EB-8ECB-0B5D Weekly

        Love ya.

  19. hii baby waw i just wanted to say that if i win i will donate 300 gems to that goat in enchantments and i will also send everyone who commented on ur blog love from millie6021 (crew member) !!! :)

    • millie6021, you are so nice. An elf like me likes such actions taken by people. Trace Huggins is the first winner. Next time, even I will keep a contest. Of 1 month Residency. I have 341 gems, so it is easy. I have always wanted to meet baby waw. Now, my dream is complete. She is so cute. I advice that you must carry on. I will carry on with my work.

      John Appetite,
      Elven Rod Of Fire

      • i won O_O
        no i didnt why u raise my hopes :S
        Lies :(
        :I it is ok but dont taunt me down im one fiesty kid :P

        • p.s. i bite O,……,O

          Chomp chomp :P

    • yay ! that was so cute from u both ^^

      i hope my bro will choose u both xP ,

      btw millie welcome to my little blog :D

      johan u came and bring nice weather on here o.o no its not rainy or snowy xD

      • Thank you. That is so sweet of you Baby Waw. Who is the second person to win this thing? I would like to know. I will myself party. Baby Waw, I insist you to join the party which will be in my condo. I respectively thank you to bring happiness on these children.

        John Appetite,
        Elven Rod Of Fire

  20. b.w., you have changed the lives of other people, John hopes they like their prize. Fancy having the winnings Trace. It is cool. John is happy that the one who wanted has winned. It was a pleasure for John to meet you sir. b.w., for this good action, John will make another contest with you. John will gift the winner. John has 341 gems, so he will be happy to gift the winner mam. It was a great pleasure to meet you mam.

    John Appetite,
    Elven Rod Of Fire

    • Umm yo elfy i havnt won yet :P ur confused bro
      P.s. u said i was a child so wat if im 11 i still kick butt :D

    good luck 2 u all :D
    But im gonna win :P
    jk i wish 8-)

  22. I am trying my luck now babywaw. I just want someone to win. I don’t care about my winning that much than of the others. I advice you take everyone as a winner. Thank you. It is my pleasure to always serve you happiness.

    John Appetite,
    Wield of the Flame of Anor.

    • Ur nice :P

    • i love to gift all entries , but that will be impossible for me ._.

      last contest got 15 , so that mean 15 boxes = 459 gems . should i buy residency pass for some one xD. ?

      lol , and i pleasure for u the same :)

      thnx for nice comment <3 i hope u will win


      • DONT LET HIM WIN -_-
        JK :P
        Hi baby waw

      • I can understand the pressure on you. Lets bring everyone happiness. I tell that anybody can party in my condo. Anytime. And I wish you all best wishes. Baby Waw, make them win please. I had nice time seeing this whole blog and commenting on it. You are making ourworld a better place to win. I am just trying my luck. But, others do deserve the price.

        John Appetite,
        Wield Of The Flame Of Anor

        P.S: TraceHuggins must win. Cause that person is so excited. She must have done harder work than me. b.w, you are a good person. I would like to meet you.

        • making ourworld a better place to win is my jop :)

          even that was SO hard for someone like to do another thing ,

          but i like it ^^ i have this site since March so i can read ppl thoughs btween their lines in comments ;)

          i would like to meet u too , i would like a person like u -^^-

          btw TraceHuggins wins before xD i feel he have some of luck , STILL o.o

          lol , happy xmas :D

          TRaceHuggins : some one will win >.> lol

        • bw, no offence. but are you a girl or a boy? Cause I am an elf on ourworld and a boy in real. I wish to add you. If you need any help, just call me. I am there as a servant to help everyone.

          John Appetite,
          Wield Of The Flame Of Anor

        • im a dude o.o
          Trace like i trace the name
          But u nicwe anyway :P
          even if u thought i was a girl -_-
          :P best wishes

        • b.w is a girl ^^
          and i will accept in ur friend request ;)
          Ask trace i can add my favorite readers -^^-
          Trace ” i thought u a girl before sending ur prize xD

      • Dats is a lot of gems -_-
        i dought the creators have that many :O
        Hi 8-)

      • thats harsh babay waw :P

        • lol babay wAw yep im a dude trace is cxi name :P lol
          jking every1 have fun on OurWorld

  23. o.o i entered again :P lol jking i can onl;y be entered once :p 8-) U ROCK!

  24. to: baby maw

    cool contest … al da bes 2 us <3 *wink*

    frm: p1nkY (OW name)

    • lol , its baby waw , not maw xD.

      btw its ur first comment ^^ welcome to our blog :)

      • ops my bad xD … o yea sowy also coz i post quit d same coment twice coz i 4got my ow name LOL … btw yea my 1st time n jus subcribe *grin* … looking 4wards 4 goodies ehe xD [p1nkY]

        • LOLZ , OKIE DOKIE ! xD

  25. cool contest … al da bes 2 us <3 *wink*

  26. TraceHuggins,

    Ima try my luck :D
    Thank baby waw for making another contest U rule :D

  27. iSweetxCherry

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