Posted by: Unrivaled | December 29, 2010

Same name glitch :)

Finalllly ! o.o i posted this glitch when i have little time to post :|

Check out this =) :

we have the same name for different characters !




don’t u think we will have a problem to search them ? :D

look , when u write what u see like :

u will get the First profile ,,

BUT , if u write :

u will get the nob account ;)

u can test that ur self , search both names they looked like the same but they r not ! , small ” L ” looks like CAPS ” i ” in ow :D

if someone told u that they have the same name cus they work in ow o.o like what happens here xD. lol , yes they lie :P

REMIDER : if u need to copy , GIVE credit to the site linked to


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