Posted by: Unrivaled | December 31, 2010

contest #3 winners

new theme ! , did u like it :D ? i hope so ^^

Entries :

1. iSweetxCherry
2. TraceHuggins
3. p1nkY
4. John Appetite
5. millie6021
6. anisoki
7. O0oBloomo0O
8. mlsunny
9. Av3nGer Rev3nGe
10. IRunSoFast
11. CrystalSaisRawr
12. Mizareel
13. missconfegamia

omg , just 13 enterd the contest o.o

lol , less than the 2nd contest :S

btw we will have just 3 winners :

missconfegamia ~> she like to send her gift to John Appetite o.o so john , choose ur gift :)
Av3nGer Rev3nGe

one lucky : iSweetxCherrySo , choose ur boxor a gift worth 28 gems or less  in comments or a mail in OW to ” baby waw ” account :)

i would love to gift u all , but it sounds COOL contest SOO close !





  1. ok. perhaps i must choose a flow box. it is not too hard to find. if possible, then plz complete my request. thank u.

    yours lovingly,
    John Appetite,
    New Help Services

  2. LOL Stop daydreaming dude WAKEUP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    hotfudge O.O

  3. i got to see the happy faces. is it true. i mean missconfegamia, thank u. i never thought my own face would be so happy. baby waw, is this a dream. i mean, why did this great girl sent me her gift? :)

    Happy to be of help. My service is there for u.

    John Appetite,
    New help services.

    • lol , hey ” New help services ” o.o

      i don’t know y did she sent u her box , any way ! choose ur box Wake up ! – slaps – lol , its not a dream :P its my site xD.

  4. pass it on

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