Posted by: Unrivaled | January 4, 2011

Coin fountain ..

Goods : normal code u can use it without the toolbar for this time ,

and hackbar is working too ..

if u r in level 24 u will get 24000 coins , so u will get 1000 for each level 

 u can use this code for now : 217A-68CA-00C7-CA81

The Weekly Facebook Code still provides Gems and we will continue to release the Monthly Newsletter Gem Code as well

Bads : last code was the last toolbar gem code :( they Replacing with the Coin Fountain ..

so no more gems from tool bar :\ .. y ?   Toolbar,  did not generate anywhere near the revenue required to sustain the massive number of Gems being generated by its weekly Coupon Code. so they will keep ourworld running from selling gems , do offers and videos …

it will make noob gifting less

our inventory full cus most items we got from our coins ..

btw be happy ! , maybe they will make gems items will be cheaper ! ” i hope ” o.o

that’s not fair :'( , that’s mean we won’t have many  contests like now xS



  1. i need a gem code !!!

  2. nicce

  3. The coin fountain sux :-/
    When they won’t give us gems anymore, they should give us a LOT MORE coins so we can buy stuff from the MP!

    • lol , they should give us gems so we can sell u some items in mp ! xD. lmao

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