Posted by: Unrivaled | January 6, 2011

I N F O 10110100101

lol  , i feel i’m a part of my computer to write 10101101010011 O.O

Reminder : RED words means a link or more info about the word will be apear when ur mouse be on that word :D

any way :D  , we will get the Zodiac Box on Jan 10th. so yay ! items inside the box r soo CUTE !!! xD

battleCraft is new game FlowPlay made it , its look like Ow , same characters , but u will choose ur clothes , boy or girl to go to some island , but its really cool game and i don’t know if u have an account on ow u will need to get new one  for the game or not :\ , u won’t find the game now in OW cus it needs LOOOOONG time to be pulished

Funny part in the coin fountain ,  ppl thought we ALL will get just 1000 coins from the code xD. so Ow will change the name :) , it won’t be called coin fountain 1000 again and do u know u can sell ur fountain in MP when u use ur code .__. ??

My tests will be in the nxt nxt week :( , i hope i can post codes for u and use them in my accountS :S i need to study for around 13 subjects cus all of them will be in 2 weeks !!! X|



  1. 10101101010011 is not a valid Binary Code. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. Yea study u get good grades u be smartical dont be like me D; :P

    • lol , y ur not smart ? o.o””


  3. baby waw, u r doing a lot for us. best take a holiday or two from work. we r ur frnds not ur owners. dont serve us as a slave plz.

    John Appetite,
    New Help Services

    • i like to help o.o
      so who i helping doesn’t called my owner :P

  4. hmmmm ….. 13 subjects ?
    how old r u ? 17 ?

    • no o.o , it’s just 16 :P

  5. study2 dont ply to much xDD

    • thats not cool :|

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