Posted by: Unrivaled | January 16, 2011

Who want a Contest !!

i can hear ur sounds there ! xD

erm but u all said No No No No O.o

lol i know its yes :P

i removed the old contest , no more contests by comments .. i got 14 mails asking me How To Comment :S .. ” btw click on the post name u will get to the post page .. then u can write ur comment at the end of the post ! ”

SO .. no comments .. just u have to add ” SuperNoob ” in OW .. its my Noob account :D .. if i added u thats mean u joined the contest , if u not .. thats mean i didn’t saw ur request before .. :)

i will choose winners by their levels ..

1 winner -> level 1-15

1 winner -> level 16-25

1 winner -> level 26-40

2 winners -> level 41 & Up !

Last Time i  will Accept friend request in ” 23rd Jan ”

i know .. :( i have tests so i will check that account after that date but i can see the mail date :P

Good Luck .. ;D


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