Posted by: Unrivaled | December 10, 2010

Web Hunt #50

Caden’s Game-a-thon – WIN 20 GEMS!

Yo ourWorlders! Caden here!
Ever play videogames so much that your thumbs start cramping?
Well, when you’re ourWorld’s Most Extreme Gamer, you’ll learn to do finger stretches before every gaming session.

I know what you’re thinking: “Caden, aren’t you taking gaming a little TOO seriously?”
Gaming? Too seriously? No such thing! =P

Ready to win 20 GEMS in this week’s Web Hunt?
Then keep reading!

Extreme Gamer
The contest will run for ONE WEEK (until 11/30/10)
and there will be TWENTY winners:
– The first 10 people that send in the correct answers
– And 10 randomly selected, lucky winners

1) In the new game, Furfur and Nublo, what do Furfur and Nublo each look like?

2) What does the Tiki Hottub furniture do when you click on it?

3) Sign in to Facebook and write something about ourWorld on your own Wall!
So that we can check whether you did this step, please leave your Facebook name as the answer to this step.

4) In the new game, Lost Head, what color is Jenny? Hint: Check the Achievements page.

5) In the new game, Blockage, how many squares are there on Level 3?

6) What is your ourWorld username? (This is so we can give you gems if you win!)

E-mail the answers with “Web Hunt #50″ in the subject line to

Please do the Web Hunt yourself — Copied answers will not count! Seriously!

On your marks… Get set… Flow!

B.w’s Edit : guys u can post ur answers here so maybe u can help somebody didn’t find the answer :) 



  1. U should do another contest :P all of us like those

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